Amaka Bundles

These are recommended regimens for different skin types that Dr. Amaka created. These bundles give you an idea of what products target each specific skin condition/type. You don't need to start with EVERY single product from a bundle, but you can start off by selecting a few from each bundle based on your needs and concerns. If you are brand new to medical grade skin care, it is recommended to start simple with a cleanser, a toner, and a serum (hyaluronic or hydrabalance). As time goes on, you may slowly fold more things into your regimen. A period of "purging" can happen when your skin is introduced to new products so it is important to be patient as your skin gets accustomed to the products. If this occurs, stop all products except the cleanser and the toner, and then slowly fold the additional items one by one into your regimen. You may always email us at with any questions or concerns.